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Are you in need to fly by air but high airfares are stopping you from it? No worries, we got you! You’re at the right page because here we are going to tell you about the super-amazing and super-saving Copa Airlines, which is no less than a savior for the pockets of our dearest travelers. Choose Copa Airlines and you’ll forget the rest! Book a cheap air journey with the exciting deals and discounts on Copa Airlines Reservations with us.

Know about Copa Airlines


Copa Airlines came into existence in 1947 and now it is the national flag air carrier of Panama. The airline operates over 80 destinations across 33 countries in Central America, North America, the Caribbean and South America. The exact full name of Copa airlines is Compañía Panameña de Aviación.fre The airline began operating the domestic flights with a minor fleet of Douglas DC-3 aircraft and during 1970s, they began their international flights to Costa Rica, Colombia, and Jamaica.

This airline is a member of Star Alliance. The passengers who travel in the business class get access to a special queue at the kiosk of airport check-in and boarding counters for less waiting time, Copa and VIP lounges, as well as priority baggage handling worldwide.

The airline continues adding destinations to link Panama with the major cities across the Western hemisphere and upgrades its fleet by the updated generation of Boeing aircraft on a regular basis. Book cost-effective Copa Airlines Reservations with us now!

Let’s know about some services of Copa Airlines-

Enjoy in the Best Cabin Classes of Copa Airlines

Economy Class Facilities

Food and drinks are served on all the flights. On short-haul flights, it will depend upon the time of day, like if you’re flying during the time of breakfast, dinner or lunch, a light but good meal will get served, or else snacks are available. Some of the aircraft are equipped with the latest entertainment system; known as the Showpass Cup that allows the passengers to watch content onto their digital devices. For doing that, the passengers will require to download the Copa Airlines app prior to flying. Book Copa Airlines Reservations with us, to travel in this class.

There’s an in-flight magazine as well for the passengers who want to read, available with duty-free shopping.

On long-haul flights, the economy class passengers can enjoy a warm meal onboard, and catch up with recent movies and your favorite TV shows with our amazing in-flight entertainment process.

How are the Economy Class Seats?

The comfortable economy class seats have padded headrests, fold-down trays and armrests, along with under-seat storage and overhead. The seats are configured into a 3-3 formation.

Business Class

The passengers traveling in the cabin of Business Class can relish greater comfort to have a relaxing flight filled with exclusive benefits. Make Copa Airlines Reservations with us to fly in this cabin class.

Business Class Facilities

Special check-in queues at the airport counters, priority baggage handling and boarding gates. The maximum comfort and privacy are provided with 12 (Boeing 737-700), 10/12 (Embraer 190 AR), and 16 (Boeing 737 MAX 9 and Boeing 737-800) seats. For the international flights, the meal service with Copa Airlines Reservations includes great liquors and wines as well as the best gastronomical choices. Bonus miles are given to for all members of the frequent flyer program, ConnectMiles. Enjoy free access to all of the Star Alliance and Copa Club VIP lounges across the world.

What is Business Class Seats Like?

The seats of Business class are upholstered in top-quality leather, and greatly configured into a 2-2 formation. According to the duration and type of the flight, extra blankets and pillows are provided.

Know about the Seat Selection

Now, the passengers of Copa Airlines are able to book their seats in advance with the cheapest Copa Airlines Reservations. You can get that additional bit of legroom that you need to relish your flight or ensure that you are sitting at the window’s side by making your Copa Airlines Reservations with us.

Check-In Information

Copa Airlines offers a great number of options for the passenger check-in that includes mobile check-in, web check-in, and airport check-in.

Check-In Online

Passengers can also use web check-in onto their laptop or desktop through the website of Copa Airlines. The web check-in time starts 24 hours prior to your flight and ends 1 hour prior to the departure. Please don’t forget to print the boarding pass of their Copa Airlines Reservations once you have checked-in.

Mobile Check-In

The passengers can use mobile phones for the check-in process with the mobile site of Copa. The mobile phone’s check-in time is same as that of web. It starts 24 hours prior to your flight and ends 1 hour prior to flight departure.

Airport Check-In

The passengers can easily check-in at airport as well at the check-in counters of Copa Airlines. The airport check-in time closes 1 hour prior to when your flight departs. Please make sure to arrive at least 3 hours before your flight departure on the international flights and at least one and a half hour before when your flight departs for the domestic flights.

The airport check-in is the one and only way of check-in for those traveling with their pets or needing special assistance on their Copa Airlines Reservations.

Enjoy the best In-flight Entertainment

Each month, Copa Airlines offers their passengers a range of music channels, movies, and new content with Copa Airlines Reservations to make them entertained on flights.


To binge on TV shows and more, now you can download the official app of the airlines for streaming your in-flight entertainment directly to your personal devices on your Copa flight.


To enjoy movies on your personal devices, now you can download Copa app after booking your Copa Airlines Reservations with us.


Wi-Fi isn’t available on the flights of Copa Airlines. However, there’s a service known as Showpass, which allows the passengers to stream film/ TV on their digital devices through Wi-Fi. Please note that this particular service is available on selected flights only. To get this service, make your Copa Airlines Reservations with one of those selected flights after asking our experts.

Frequent Flyer Program

The passengers who want earning points and miles with their Copa Airlines Reservations when they fly with Copa Airlines can register to the ConnectMiles account on theFrequent Flyer Loyalty Program of Copa Airlines. The travelers flying with Copa Airlines can have an easy access to the popular Panorama de las Americas inflight magazine and know more about the Panama’s culture. The ticket holders of economy Class can enjoy great in-flight entertainment with a choice of music, movies and sitcoms.

When you make Copa Airlines Reservations through us, it is very easy to collect the frequent flyer points. You have to simply choose ConnectMiles as a frequent flyer program of your choice from the mentioned options, and enter your personal number for the membership.

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